Secure Business with Email Risk Assessment

Sep 17, 2023 Gaming Website

A Perfect Technique in Fraud Prevention

One of the very good techniques for fraud protection in business is email risk analysis.

The email address is not only used to receive messages. Every person can be identified using this address. These addresses are used when registering on various accounts, and they are also needed when logging in or during a transaction. That’s why they are perfect authentication solutions that can prove one’s identity.

In order to easily detect fraud, you need to have as much data as possible about your users. In this way, you will detect fraudsters and protect your business.

Email Risk Analysis

Steps you can take are to reduce your chargeback. You can immediately block fraudsters before they buy your goods or services with stolen credit card information. If you notice someone frequently changing their email address in your system, flag them as suspicious immediately as there is a possibility of them taking over your account. If you have too much bonus abuse, email risk analysis can stop these scammers before they even try to sign up. Also, those who want to register with fake IDs will be prevented from doing so at the start. The biggest advantage of this analysis is that you can block scammers very early, so your damage will be minimal or almost non-existent.

Since this analysis is almost instantaneous, you will get great benefits in preventing customer churn. Since you will get the results in a fraction of a second, you can immediately react and block unwanted users.

In order to do business safely, it is best to use the perfect email risk analysis technique that will allow you to instantly block all unwanted users.